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Pier Village Area

It is considered to be the area from Joline Ave as the northern boundary area to Pavilion as the southern boundary two. I am basing this section from the original redevelopment mapping and combining the hotel section into this.

PierVillage.jpgIn this section you will find Ocean Terrace townhomes which are directly across from the boardwalk and ocean followed by what has made Long branch a very desirable city to live in. Again heading south is the Grand Resorts which are 2 mid rise buildings and the Ocean Club these were built after the Bluffs @Beachfront North which in reality are south of Grand Resorts. The Ocean Resort hotel is in between followed piervillageby Pier Village itself. It is a complex of restaurants on the beach as well as retail stores with apartments for rent only. Currently in the winter they are rented to Monmouth University students how lucky can you get to live by the ocean while studying and last but not least are the Pavilion Townhouses which are really on the corner of Pavilion and Ocean Blvd., from which point I have sectioned Mid Ocean Ave.

Visit Address Year Built Minimum Price Units Views View   sq
Building Listings    ft
The Grand Resorts 11 Cooper 2005-2006   48 ocean-sunset-none Search Grand Resorts Condos for Sale 4 story 1564-3673
The Grand Resorts 22 Cooper 2005-2006 56 ocean-sunset-none
The Grand Resorts 33 Cooper 2005-2006   72 ocean-sunset-none
The Bluffs Beach Front North Greeley 2004-2005   19 ocean-sunset-none Bluffs at Beachfront North for Sale Townhouses 2406-3547
The Bluffs Beach Front North McKinley 2004-2005   17 ocean
The Bluffs Beach Front North Grant 2004-2005   42 ocean-sunset-none
The Bluffs Beach Front North Whitman 2004-2005   14 ocean-sunset-none
The Bluffs Beach Front North Madison 2004-2005 8 ocean-sunset-none
The Bluffs Beach Front North Langtry 2004-2005   14 ocean-sunset-none
Pavilion Townhouses Pavilion 2001   6 ocean Search Pavilion Townhouses for Sale Townhouses 2000 +/-
Ocean Terrace Ocean Ter. 1989     ocean   Townhouse  
Beachfront North Townhouses & Single Family           New Construction Floor Plans